Friday, April 18, 2014

Nice Day For a White Wedding!

We are now officially off the boat, but I have to go back a day to finish off the boaty part.

Wednesday night we went out with Roly and Bev for final farewell dinner no 47!

Loveliest couple you will ever meet, look out for NB Klara on the cut.

As we were keeping the motorhome at a caravan park at Higher Poynton we had to get the car over there first, so Thursday morning we were up early and drove the car to Poynton railway station, where we left the car then caught the train back to Stone to pick up the motorhome.

We walked from Stone railway station back to the marina. We both had showers in the marina shower blocks, then my last job was to drop one of the boat keys and the security fob through one of Caxton windows.  I decided to have one last walk through Caxton to make sure everything was ok with the shore power and switchboard.....Big was so upsetting to walk through the boat, she just looked fantastic and it was really hard to think that this is the end, I got quite upset and had to walk back hurriedly to the motorhome and not look back.
We then drove out of the marina gate with the pair of us bawling!!!

When we left Australia, the house, our lifelong friends, the job, the lovely lifestyle etc not a tear, yet here we were a couple of bubbling wrecks!

My theory is that you get such a special bond with a boat, it is a machine that is keeping you warm and safe plus transporting you around the country, it is so special.....waaahhhhh!!

Moving on....we had a lovely drive to Prestwold Hall near Loughborough where one of my Nephews was tying the knot.

We moored parked up and got dressed up in the wedding clobber. 

First things first to ease the trauma of the last few days, we got stuck into a few drinks.

Feeling much better it was then down to doing wedding stuff  such as mingling, drinking, dancing, drinking, taking crap loads of photos, drinking, taking crap photos coz you have drunk too much etc!

The Bride and Groom Stefan and Rachael Macey 

My mother in the middle surrounded by all but two of her grand children, I don't know why they wouldn't let Bombo and Sammie in the pic, we did take them into the reception later on! 

Me and her!

The wedding went off!

My young nephew Jay playing with the DJs gear, he did a great job to, took him all of about five minutes to pick it up.

Blowing bubbles as you do!

I went outside to get a shot, can you pick out the dance floor?

Great wedding in a superb location, we stayed the night in the motorhome. They let us park it in the grounds which was cool. 

We then took the doggies for an early morning walk around the grounds of Prestwold Hall.

What a superb building to have your wedding reception.

I could handle this lifestyle.

Its just so English and lovely.

We left the stately home at midday for the two hour drive back to Higher Poynton, trouble was the route was straight through the Peak District on Good took us five bloody hours, we were travelling at narrowboat speed.  

We went via Poynton railway station where we picked up the car that had been left there the day before. Elaine followed me to the Higher Poynton campsite through some seriously narrow roads.
We were given our spot and were soon settled in and on shore power....lovely.

And what a lovely spot it is, I was a bit worried about the site, but it is great, plus what a magic day, there were pasty poms  sunbathing everywhere ....Elaine still had her bubble coat on!

We then took the little Citroen to Macc to unload the final bits and pieces onto Burt and Trevor. We had a look around Poynton on the way back to the motorhome plus got a Chinese takeaway.
We are going to enjoy our two weeks here, I reckon Poynton is one cracker of a place, the village is so well laid out with what looks like a good selection of shops, restaurants and pubs.

Tomorrow we are heading of to Tardebigge with Elaine's brother Trevor to do some lock wheeling for Dot and Gordon on NB Ewn Ha Cul!!!

We are going to change around the design of the blog to change it to a motorhome one but we are both a bit buggered at the mo to do it!

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