Monday, April 21, 2014

Washing, Washing and More Washing!!

Hopefully I won't affect  any of the copyright laws that Bruce of Nb Sanity may have involving blogging about washing....

But firstly to this morning where we tried out our new pineapple slicer-corer....

...What a nifty gadget... 

...Perfect rings for our healthy breakfast... 

After breaky we strolled down to 'The Trading Post' (a little kiosk along the canal at  Poynton) where Festina Lente was waiting for water ... 

Whilst the tank was filling we went onboard for tea and cakes/  It was then time to say farewell to our boaty friends ... 

Farewell dear friends, hopefully we will rendezvous daan saaf when we get back from the continent ... 

It was then back to the motorhome to try out the twin tub washing machine that George and Susan (the new owners of Caxton) donated to us.

It only holds about 2 kilos of washing, the complete unit weighing only 7 kilos.  I usually keep it in the garage of the motorhome, but for the washing I put it into the shower as it drains by gravity.  It fitted a treat.

I filled it with hot water from the shower and away we went.  It has a great little spin drier as well.  As we haven't done any washing for about a week it took me a few hours to get through it all.  Rather than move the motorhome to fill the tank with water I did about 12 trips with my 10 litre watering can to fill the water tank!

Next problem was where to dry it as we don't have a drying rack. The washing ended up being hung off the wing mirrors plus open windows etc!  I have now ordered a drying rack plus a peg dryer!

Whilst I was slaving away with the twin tub, Elaine was sunbathing in her new u-beaut reclining chair.  Can't blame her it was rather a nice day!  (El here ... actually every time I approached the twin tub I was warned off ... apparently that is man's work now!  Hey ho ... what was a girl to do!) 

I also tried out the side awning but decided it was a tad too windy, so I have also ordered some tie down straps for that as well.

We then drove to Macc  to see brother Trev and Jaffa.  Trev was going to look at the 12v charging system for Big Bertha as it isn't working.

We are pleased to report that Jaffa hasn't eaten the house rabbit so is staying there for a while longer.  He seems a lot happier in a  house, than he ever did on the boat.  El thinks he and the rabbit are reaching an understanding!!

Geoffrey also went for walkabout earlier today but somehow managed to catch his eyelid on something under the van and ended up in a bloody mess!!  


Tomorrow we are off early to our hopefully final final final trip to Manchester!


  1. What a cool little washer! We hang our washing on coat hangers in the cratch. Now I know you don't have a cratch any more but is there somewhere inside you could do the same if it's a rainy day?

    1. Yep we are hanging some stuff in the toilet and shower.

  2. Well a blue washing machine does surely make it a blue job. Now you just need a whirly gig you can put in the ground, got our little one at B&M. Elaine will love that

    1. She let me buy a drying rack that hangs out of the window!!