Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let The Packing Begin

Big Bertha (my laptop) is working fantastically fine again thanks to Elaine's brother, Trevor.  He transplanted a keyboard in from a donor laptop and all  is well.  (She has previously had her old screen transplanted to a new, donor body, so she looks like the bride of Frankenstein but she will always be beautiful to me).

I have had to promise Trevor that she will never again get stuck into a glass of wine or beer.  I promise, Trev!!

We stayed the night in Macclesfield last night and ordered in a yummy Chinese take away for Burt, Trev and ourselves.  

This morning we were up early as I had an appointment for a blood test.  It's a yearly review thing of my blood pressure and cholesterol etc.  When I came back I parked the car at the back and went and knocked on the back door to be let in.  The unexpected knocking caused Burt, Elaine and Bombo to come out of the kitchen to see where the it was coming from.  This left Sammie in full hunter mode while he was alone in the kitchen ... and when we all came back in he was happily gnawing on the spare ribs Burt had been preparing for himself !  He was very pleased with himself but they were confiscated as the dogs aren't allowed cooked bones!

We headed back to the marina at midday.  When we arrived there they were launching a new narrowboat, ... I was impressed with the crane guys as they were using a spreader bar, which is by far the safest way to lift a boat in slings. 

When we were driving back towards the marina the girl from 'Pet Pleasures' dog groomers (in Stone) rang to say they had a cancellation and would we like to bring in Bombo today.  He has been getting exceedingly hairy and consequently very hot lately plus we needed to get him cut nice and short in anticipation of warmer climes.

Here he is with the girls!  He has been there about five times, as his fur grows very quickly.  They love him to bits but I don't think the feeling is reciprocated!

The finished product.

What a pretty boy.

For the remainder of the day we packed and sorted boxes for our imminent departure from the boat.  I can't believe how much we have collected in two years ... never mind, we will get there!

Other news ... the place that we bought in Sydney was finished nearly two weeks ago and was let out today, so that is a relief !

It was good to hear that Will and Kate will be visiting our old stomping ground of Manly, Australia.  I can't really blame them as the Northern Beaches are by far the best part of Australia ...  in my opinion, of course!  Click here to see 'Ten things Will and Kate need to know about Manly'.

They reason they are visiting there is because I gave it a good rap when I had a chat with Kate ... when we met her when we were moored up in Paddo in the summer!!    

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