Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cat Transfer

On Saturday morning we cleared a bit more stuff off of  the boat to the motorhome and in the afternoon we took a drive up to Macclesfield.

On the M6 we spotted a Daimler SP250 (Dart)!  An old  friend of mine used to have one of these, they were pretty quick, with a V8 motor and fibreglass body although the handling was best described as ... "she handles like a pig in shit"!  It's nice to see the old sports cars being driven hard, he was giving it some welly!

The next sight on the M6 was a herd of cows crossing the motorway ... !!!

Before we arrived at Macc we went to check out the caravan park, which we have booked into for a couple of weeks once we get off the boat on Thursday.  We would have to say it looks ... well ... dodgy!  I went to the reception area to ask them where they will put us next week and the manager didn't really seem to know or care!  Looking at the state of the ground we will be bogged for sure.  Never mind, we need to be reasonably close to Manchester and it is for only two weeks.  Later on I did try a couple of other caravan parks but they all seemed to be ultra expensive or booked out, with it being Easter. 

On Saturday night we went out on a mini pub crawl with a couple of friends, but for once I forgot the camera!

Whilst we were out supping various ales Trevor (Elaine's Brother) was fitting a new keypad to her laptop (Little Bertha) as it ceased to function when we were in London last summer!  So, we now have 2 x fully functioning laptops and a very happy Elaine!

All we have to do now is to get Trevor to take Jaffa the cat off of us whilst we are away in the motorhome!!!  He is a lovely affectionate cat but very verbal (we think he may be deaf).  When we had him in the house and boat it wasn't too bad but in the confines of the motorhome we fear he will do our heads in!!

On Sunday we headed back to the boat and we moved the cats into the motorhome with their litter, food, water and beds.  Then we went from one end of the boat to the other dusting and vacuuming all through.  The cats will now stay in the motorhome until we leave the marina on Thursday (they actually seem to prefer it in there, so that is good).

Both of our neighbours have now left plus nearly all the boats opposite ... the marina is getting to be a lonely place ...

We have moved just about all the food off the boat now apart from emergency supplies of chocolate and biscuits, so we will eat out until we leave.  Tonight it is up the 'spoons for the Sunday roast!

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