Monday, April 14, 2014

Nearly There....

Another day of removing stuff off the boat.  We are nearly there!  The motorhome is getting lower to the ground and the boat is getting higher out of the water!  I am going to put it on a weighbridge tomorrow to make sure we are all legal ... it's quite hard downsizing from a narrowboat! 

We had a visitor checking out when we were finally going to bugger off ...

But Sammie saw him off ...


The ship's bell has been removed ...

Weather wise it's been a lovely day with a full moon tonight ...

"OWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"  ... onomatopoeically speaking!!


  1. onomat..onom....onomato... damn can't even pronounce it let a lone know what it means :-)

    1. Its a good one means name of a sound,,,woosh, bang, wallop etc.

  2. The cut will be lesser for the loss of you. Enjoy your new direction, but know that you will all be missed. xx