Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Sorted...

We had an early start as Elaine had an appointment at Manchester.

First it was a walk with the boys to tire them out as they were being dog sat by Elaine's dad today.

So many lambs around and oh so cute.

Then it was off to Macclesfield, drop off the dogs then drive to Manchester. We were in Manchester for a lot longer than we thought and didn't get back to Macc till nearly 15.00. 

We decided to send the money that we got for the boat back to Oz as we are still getting just over 4% on call over there.  So when we were back in Macc off we went to Barclays, complete with laptop so we could do a deal there and then with Ozforex currency traders.  Once we locked in the exchange rate we transferred the cash from our account to the Ozforex account.  You get a much better exchange rate with Ozforex than any bank.

Next stop was the post office to pick up my mega European touring map plus Elaine had to pick up some witchcraft material she ordered from the States.

We had a lot more to do but we were both a bit knackered so we went back to Elaine's dad's house for a chat and cuppa.  Brother Trevor dropped in on his way home from work, letting us know that Jaffa had been very 'vocal' that morning!

Once we got back to the van Elaine settled in for a Home and Away catch up so I decided to take the dogs for an evening walk.

Lovely scenery in these parts.....still getting the bloody canal boats in shots!

Whilst walking Sammie suggested we pop in the Boars Head for a pint of Black Sheep ... so we did!

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