Sunday, April 27, 2014

Catch up Blog....

It was to be a busy weekend with more running around sorting out little jobs that always seem to take longer than anticipated.

Elaine was saddened that she had to bin her favourite walking shoes - which she had bought from a charity shop in Stone two Christmases ago.  You just can't get good second hand boots these days!!  (They are still sitting outside the door of the van, mind you ... it seems they will actually go in the bin at the last minute).  My good walking shoes had carked it up in Northumberland, but as we are heading to the land of t shirts and thongs we won't be buying any heavy duty walking shoes for a while ...

We also tried out the awning, or should I say sun shade!! 
We didn't keep it up for long though as it started raining !

On Friday night we went to a friend's house in Macc for a 'Hairy Bikers curry night' ... very good  curries they were too.

On Saturday morning we went to see Elaine's brother, Trevor to see how Jaffa was settling in....   

... he is going fine, he has only clouted the house rabbit a couple of more times, so its all good.  Apart from that he has been following Trev around his house yowling at him!  Elaine thinks he is missing is favourite (expensive) biscuits so we took a bag over for him ... hopefully that will stop him whinging at Trev!

This was the first time Jaffa had been out in a garden for over two years - he never liked getting off the boat! ... 

I think he is going to enjoy exploring Trev's garden ... 

We also picked up the push bikes from Trev's house and took them back to the van.  Amazingly both bikes fitted in the back of the Citroen C3 is the Tardis!

It only took a couple of minutes to fit the bikes on the back ...

I already have the striped  t shirt, we will buy the onions and beret when we get to France ... 

Last night it was up to The Boars Head for too many swift ones with some more friends from Macc, who announced that they are going to buy a motorhome and start touring in the not too distant future.  They too have realised that there is a lot more to life than a big mortgage and pressures of work etc.

So now we are up to date, its Sunday morning and we are going to have a bit of a rest day apart from popping to see Burt and Trev later on :)


  1. Hi Paul, Just a word about the bikes on the back of the motor home. I don't know about France, but Spanish legislation demands that you have a large square warning panel attached to the outside of them. These are available at the likes of Halfords. The Spanish Gardia are red hot on tourist's motor homes complying with such things at the moment. Also, if you don't have one already, they will nab you for not displaying a country of origin sticker on the "stern". Unfortunately in your case it will have to be GB not the AUS one for Australia, as the vehicle is registered in the UK.

    1. The warning sign was the last thing I have ordered, we have GB Sticker, warning triangle, headlight beam deflectors, breathalysers and reflective vests!

    2. Not wanting to sound picky - but you will need 2 warning triangles for Spain :-)

    3. You only need two if vehicle is Spanish registered or towing.

    4. I'd keep a little cash aside for the on the spot fines then, as in my own experience even though only 1 triangle is technically compulsory for vehicles registered outside Spain, the Gardia don't give a toss about the technicalities of their law and could issue anyone with a roadside fine regardless of their own regulations if only 1 is found to be available. Do you speak enough Spanish to explain your case? See for clarification notes. Remember - this is Spain we are discussing here!

  2. Oh, also forgot mention, you will also require hi-vis vests for all (human) occupants in Spain. These must be worn at all times at the roadside, in the event of a breakdown for example. The Guardia are also known for catching tourists out when they stop them, and they get out of the vehicle to see why. The first thing the Guardia will do is book you for not wearing the vest - you are expected to put it on before you leave the vehicle even just to speak to them.

  3. Paul,
    Where is the rego plate on the rear?

  4. Thongs? Please Paul, NO!!

    Have a great trip,

    1. Thongs is the Aussie name for flip flops, so we are all all safe!!

    2. I hoped so! If you ask for 'a pair of thongs' over here they'll wonder where you're going to put the other one!!!