Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Medical MOT (Rego in Australian)

I had an appointment this afternoon with Nurse Ratched ... she was going to give me my yearly medical check up.

But first things first I took the boys for a walk once I dragged them out of the drivers seats!

We also drove down to Poynton to do a bit of shopping.  As we were leaving we noticed that a caravan had left the prime spot in the park, so I checked with the park owner that it was OK to move and that was it - we moved all of 100 metres.  See, you boaters, we can change moorings too!  The advantage is that we are next to a water tap and grey waste drain so we can fill with water and empty the waste tank without moving.   The Macc canal is right behind the hedge.  It is such a luxury to unload the shopping straight into the car, lazy, but pure luxury!

I have a yearly medical as I suffer from high blood pressure, well I would if I didn't take drugs to control it.  I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago, so it was off to the Dr to get the results.  Rather than tie up one of the doctors you get seen by a nurse, who asks lots of questions about your exercise regime, smoking and drinking habits etc.  I suffer from 'white coat hypertension' so I knew my blood pressure would be off the Richter scale, I was right ...165/95!   I check my blood pressure at home so I told her what it normally is ... all the info including the blood test results are fed into the computer and it spits out the results.....I'm alive!! 

The reality was that I drink a bit too much, am a bit of a fat bastard and need to lose a few kilos, but all in all not too bad.  My cholesterol was good, liver function good etc.

We popped in to see Elaine's dad and left him some sheets to wash ... they are too big for the little blue twin tub!  Thanks, Burt :)

We then popped in to see brother Trevor to check out how Jaffa and the house rabbit were getting on ... not too bad is the answer although Jaffa did whack him around his ear whilst we were there.  The rabbit got too close to Jaffa's bum!  You can't really miss when you clip a rabbit around its ears!

Blood pressure when back in the comforts of the motorhome was 135/75, so all good!

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  1. Just love hearing about Jaffa and the rabbit, its a blog in itself!! Keep the pics coming. Great guys