Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jaffa Goes on Trial ...

... not that he has done anything wrong, well apart from murder a few rats and mice in his time!

(Elaine here now ... Paul is too busy watching football to blog tonight !)

So, Jaffa the cat has gone on a trial loan with my brother, Trevor.   Jaffa has been very 'vocal' for a good few years now ... we think he may be deaf or maybe just a little bit nutty!!  He doesn't irritate me as much as he does Paul ... and it wasn't so bad in the boat, but in the motorhome, well ... everything is in such close proximity there and I fear he may drive Paul crazy driving him around Europe!

Trev has agreed to 'give him a go' while we are 'moored up' in Poynton and as long as he doesn't eat the house rabbit in that time (or give him a heart attack) then Trev will keep him for us while we go away in the motorhome to Europe!

Fingers crossed!!

Here is an update pic from Trev tonight - there was a 'stand off' between the two of them but it seems that now Jaffa has become interested in the rabbit's stamping and has decided to follow him around the room a few times ...

Poor rabbit ... he has never met another animal before - what a shock it must be.  I fear we may be picking Jaffa up again tomorrow if he continues to give the rabbit a hard time ... :(

Anyway ... we will see !  

When we drove back from Trev's tonight we realised time had slipped away from us again and that we were very hungry !!!  Just like a gift from God we spotted a Wetherspoons in Poynton on the way back! A reet posh looking one at that ... 

So we decided to call in and sample their Sunday Roast !  Paul said his wasn't quite up to Stone Wetherspoons standard but mine was lovely (lentil and mozzarella roast for me).  Nice place ... very different to the others we have been in ... pretty trendy and modern looking.

This is the main street of Poynton .. it is such a lovely place with really nice vibes about it ... 

We like it here !

Really nice looking shops and pubs but bizarre 'pedestrianized' bits along the main roads ... where you have to give way to everything that moves !  Seems to work !

Tomorrow we will go and visit Jaffa again but also get out the new portable 'twin tub' to give that a 'spin' - ah, exciting times !!


  1. I wondered how the NB Caxton blog was going to transition to the Motorhome blog! Quite seamlessly apparently. Doctor Who would be proud of you both.

    Steve L, Sydney