Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I don't like to bitch and moan on the blog, I like to try and keep it upbeat and happy but sometimes needs must.

Nobs 1 were a couple of fisherman  on the water point at Poynton, not quite a hanging offence, but a bit dumb, you would get a 40 ft boat on the point but any longer than that you would be buggered.

We were walking the dogs over to Lyme Park which is just over the hill from the caravan site.

Nice sign.

Nice sheep and lambs. 

It was a gorgeous day and starting to border on the hot side!

Only in England...a ladder for the humans, and a gate for the doggies..... 

....Just fab....

Magical scenery

World class

The Lyme Park house is rather grand.


This car belongs to Nob 2, locked inside were two dogs in a cage with no water!! The ranger and staff from the information hut had put a reflective cover over the back of the car, the cone is holding it down.
the windows were cracked slightly and the dogs didn't seem to distressed. I suggested a brick through the window, but they said that they had rang the RSPCA and they had told them to monitor the situation!!
What sort of twat would do that, they had been left in the car for over 4 hours!!! 

On the way back to the boat  motorhome this old girl passed us.

The sky turned so black on the way back but not a drop of rain.

They were repairing some of the dry walls

And to finish off some nice little lambs...ahhhhh

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