Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Last Hurrah Day 3 !!!

I took the doggies for a walk down the canal this morning, this gatehouse is on the other side of the wide, the main residence has long since been demolished, can you imagine the size of it if this is the gatehouse!

This is where the west coast mainline railway enters the Shugborough tunnel, the tunnel is 777yards long and because it is passing through the Shugborough Estate it has very grand entrances 

I carried on walking as far as Tixall Lock which in my opinion had one of the nicest lock cottages on the canal system.

I had to head back as we were having lunch at the Clifford Arms in Great Haywood. This was the farewell lunch to Ray, Duane, Gordon and Dot, who are heading south tomorrow whilst we head north. We were also joined by Roly, Bev is still crook with Welsh flu.
Gordon and Dot returned to their boat yesterday after three weeks house sitting a famous anonymous  muso's house in Northumberland.

We visited it last month, check it out here

It was a most saporous lunch, washed down with lashings of  Adnams Broadside and very cheeky Chilean Merlot.

So we ate too much and got rat arsed!

Roly got his just desserts. 

It was then a pleasant walk back to the boats where we swapped gifts.

Yesterday Duane and Ray gave us a lovely food parcel from Stone Farmers market consisting of a lovely fat pork pie for me and a huge jar of pickled eggs for Elaine, for some strange reason she has cravings for them!  

I took the dogs for a late arvo walk and passed a narrowboat and its butty (trailer) It was a trading boat, I thought I would check out the name........

........ ooer

Tomorrow we are up at sparrows and head back to the marina on our own....we are Nigel no friends again!!