Monday, April 1, 2013

The longest mile of our lives!

Before we left Marple we reversed back to the water point on the Macc canal as the next water point is a fair distance.

NB Fernwood had left before us....actually everyone leaves before us!

So away we went, 1 mile and 16 locks.

Here we are coming off the Macc with a sharp turn to port into the first lock

A single-hander passed us whilst we were on the water point so he had about a 45 min start on us.
We met one boat (NB Islonian) coming the other way between lock 9 and 10, it just happened to be the shortest pound to pass on - all went well.

There were literally hundreds of walkers on the flight which came in handy as some gave Elaine with some of the paddles - my God some of those paddles were hard going, hence the blog title.

I ended up getting off the boat in the locks to help open the paddles, then climbing down the ladder to drive into the next was bloody hard going!

After a few locks we caught up with the single hander - he was hung up on the cill.....whoops!!

Some bystanders gave him a hand to get off - no apparent damage but you can see the fresh chunks out of the concrete.

Poor old boy was on his own, he had a heart condition and was completely knackered, so we went in front and then helped him down behind us.

We met some really lovely gongoozlers - it was by far the biggest audience we have had in our 1st year.

Only when we got to the bottom lock did we meet the 'Shameless' family!  I said, "how ya going?".  She answered F*^& C&"** Bo+&&*Cks S"** which I translated as ... "We are having a lovely day in the sunshine, thankyou!"  Mr Shameless carried on walking with his hoody up.  

Over the Marple aqueduct next to the railway viaduct ...

Through the Rose tunnel ... wot no roof ?!

We stopped at Romiley and were too buggered to go to the pub ... a first for us!

Then a complete disaster happened ... we ran out of data so no internet! Consequently, I am finishing off the blog a day later on Dot and Gordon's laptop as we have just helped them down the Marple flight!  But that is another story. 


  1. Ooh er, if you think that's as long day, you are going to have fun on the Ashton & Rochdale 9! Both of which are fine, we have done them a few times, last year though we had to run water down so we could get up the Ashton, but we did it the other way around! Have fun only 4 weeks to go & counting!

    1. We have assembled a battle-group of 4 boats to attack the Ashton

  2. We do like the Marple flight, the scenery more than makes up for the hard work.
    For what it's worth we have never had any trouble along the Ashton flight and enjoy that one too.
    The Rochdale 9 are another story though. Working in pairs will help. Have fun.