Saturday, April 13, 2013

All Canals are not Equal

We woke to a really lovely sunny day, but as I was still feeling pretty crap I stayed in bed till I felt a bit better.  Normally we wouldn't have moved but we have to be at Bridge 9 on Sunday morning to meet the C&RT man, to open the bridge for the trip into Liverpool.

I took the dogs for a good walk to try and clear my head and by the time I got back to the boat it was pissing down with rain and blowing a gale!

Never mind, needs must and off we went.  I don't know what it is about this part of the canal, but from Wigan on it has seemed rather tedious ... I just cant wait to stop for the day.  On all the other canals we have been on I never get bored standing there, tiller in hand, rain in eyes and the wind making a mess of my hair (if I had any).  This one seems to drag on.

So back to the trip, no locks but plenty of swing bridges for El to work, and they all work differently.  I had to laugh when El was working one bridge ... all she stopped was a cyclist in the full Lycra get up, she did the usual smile at him and maybe have a chat but no - he kept looking straight ahead and uttered not a word.....I bet he is a fisherman as well! 

We stopped at Bridge 9 pretty cold and sodden.  I removed a lot of crap from around the bow and bow thruster tube including a rather dead eel!

We appear to be on our own at the moment, perhaps more boats are moored further back, but I didnt see any ...

Perhaps that is why this part of the canal system seems tedious - we only spotted one other boat on the move today!

I had a lovely hot shower after we stopped, plus some nice yummy home made soup and bread and now having a nice relaxing glass of red - purely for medicinal purposes! Early start tomorrow, bridge opens at 9 am !! Don't they know its Sunday!! 


  1. Have as great time, we enjoyed going down through the docks although it was windy when we went down, I don't think it was as bad as it is here today, but it might not be so bad on the west side! A bit late to say now but we moored before bridge 10 as did everyone else and moved in the morning. Enjoy Johns home town, we did & it is worth all the crap round the prop!

    1. Well worth the crap around the prop, although I only went down the hatch once today, probably would have got away with it but knew I would need all possible available power because of the wind!

  2. Enjoy Liverpool. We were there last year and had a great time. Try the open top tour bus - it's very informative. Where are you going next? Across the Mersey - we did!!

    NB Mary H

    1. Thanks Mary, not sure where next but it will be south somewhere....what plans!