Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blowing Dogs off Chains

This morning, whilst Elaine was doing Yoga on the boa,t I took the dogs for a walk around Albert Dock - it is such a fascinating place to be, just love it.

At midday we decided to do an open top, bus tour around the sights ...

Of course the dogs came with us!

I will leave it to the pics to tell the story, because its late. I have had a drink or two and can't remember what they all were......enjoy.

Lovely lovely city!  When we finished that, we then had a late lunch at an Albert Dock eatery -  can't remember the name though!

At 4.30 pm we went out for a mini pub crawl with Ray and Toni from NB Ferndale, which was most enjoyable!

When we got back to the boat it was really blowing those proverbial dogs off chains.  The boat was fair bashing about - I reckon some of the wind gusts were well over the 40mph mark.  After a while, and realizing the wind wasn't abating, I went outside and added a couple of long spring lines and it worked a treat. Adding spring lines stops the boat from snatching and jerking on the ropes ... we are still moving around a lot but it is a lot smoother, all good fun!


  1. We're registering 33mph wind with gusts of up to 45mph here at Chester at the moment so it pretty squrlly out there. Stay safe.

  2. The men's toilets in the Philharmonic Dining Rooms are "listed" and Ladies are allowed in for a look by arrangement! We had lunch in there (the dining rooms not the Gent's) last time we were in Liverpool and while the building is pretty amazing unfortunately the food wasn't

    1. Yes the famous dunnies are on out to do list.