Monday, April 22, 2013

Chillax Day

Not that we really need to chillax, I cant think of a more laid back life than we are leading at the moment.

I toodled off the the Maritime museum this morning leaving Elaine to walk the doggies, we rendezvoused  later   in the morning at Tesco's, I was there to give Elaine a hand to bring back the shopping.....exciting stuff eh!

I then decided to do a bit of de-rusting on the good ship, nothing major, but might as well use the pontoon, electric and water when I can. Its all primed up ready for some topcoat tomorrow. Oh and my Black and Decker electric sander blew up!

Tonight it is back over to the Bierkeller to watch the Man Utd game on the big screen, oh we are enjoying the city life!

On the narrowboat movement front, 1 boat has left the dock and 1 boat has arrived so we now have 7 boats in the marina, I am amazed it is so empty, it is such a great spot.

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