Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back in the Sticks

We were up at sparrows, filled the water tank, unplugged the umbilical cord and we were off.

Bombo quickly assumed his position as we passed through Albert Dock

Nb Firefly NZ was also leaving, the C&RT guys had the lock already for us, we had the same guys that took us in 2 weeks ago. Only difference this time was that the chap that was all singing and dancing away 2 weeks ago was like a bear with a sore head, he didn't want to speak, wouldn't make eye contact etc it was hard to believe it was the same guy. Never mind something must have pissed him off but they both did a sterling job seeing us through the locks and swing bridges.

Bombo look at the Liver building!

Passing the old clock

Old capstan and lock gear

The sky was blue but it was bloody freezing as you can tell by the way Leonie is wrapped up

We had just gone passed the infamous bridge 9 when NB Firefly and us got stoned by a couple of little bastards, although they weren't little,  mid-late teens at a guess. They missed us but hit the boat a number of times, making a large bang whenever they hit, I took a couple of shots in a flash, pity it was a camera and not a gun! 

I really would love to give them a good bashing, but I suppose that would be against the law. They really are evil little scrotes, all we can hope for is they they cant breed!

To be fair it was the first time we have come under attack from brain dead little shits since we started out 13 months ago.

We called it a day just after swing bridge 10, I took the dogs for a walk around the lanes, it was an amazing to see all the hedgerows bursting into life, you miss that part whilst in the city.


  1. A catapult might have come in useful but perhaps a grenade would do the trick more effectively!
    Did you report the incident though?

  2. We got stoned by catapult in Boston two years ago. Broke a window. Police brilliant. BW less so, even though we were on their moorings. We got 'egged' in London 2 weeks ago - much less damage!