Thursday, April 18, 2013


That was certainly the windiest night we have had aboard the good ship ... I had to go out in the night and reset the ropes to try and lessen the bashing around, we still slept well though!

We took the dogs for a walk this morning, the wind was still ripping through the docks.

We decided we would visit The Museum of Liverpool today, which is only a couple of hundred metres away.

We passed this immaculate Mr Whippy Commer Karrier BF ice cream van; I had a google search back on the boat, apparently in the very early 60s it started life as a Mr Softee ice cream van ... sacrilege !

Couple of pics of the graving dock ...

Liverpool pilot ship ...

And here they are - the Superlambananas!! click here for more info ...

Twas an interesting museum and all in a very new building.  We spent about 3 hours in there and we now know how the scouse accent came about ... blame the Paddies and the potato famine!                                          

Tonight they were racing dragon boats around the dock ... (the wind had dropped a fair bit at that time!)

It's still a bit windy but nowhere near as bad as last night.

I took the dogs for a good walk around the city tonight.  (Elaine was catching up on Home and Away!)  It comes across as a most relaxed city, very laid back, and very little traffic for a major city.

I love Liverpool x


  1. Welcome to our fair city and I am glad you like it. I saw your boat in the dock the other day and made the connection with a blog I had seen. Though I live and work here I brought my narrowboat home a couple of years ago and stayed in the dock for the weekend. Even for a local it was a well worth while trip.
    Dave Foulkes
    NB Little Tern moored Aqueduct Marina, Church Minshull

  2. Hi Dave, Tis a lovely city, give us a knock if you are passing by, we leave here on 27th April