Thursday, April 11, 2013

Still Crooke

Not Crook as in ill but Crooke as in location!

Our first visitors of the day were Cath and her lovely daughter Bethany.  Cath is the better half of my Aussie mate, who now lives in Wigan.

No sooner had they left when we had a knock on the roof, it was Ray and Leonie from NB Firefly, they are a couple of Kiwis who have just started their narrowboat adventure.  They arrived last Thursday and their boat is moored about 500 metres from they read our blog...bloody marvelous!

Sam quickly welcomed Ray and managed to slip the tongue in!  Good boy :)

There was a fishing competition going on outside - I'm sorry I just don't get it  all the crap they take with them to catch something that you can't even eat - and why such long poles?  Why do all the fish swim on the other side of the canal?  My main problem with the fisherman is, why are 99% such miserable buggers that cannot make eye contact, let alone speak!

Later in the Arvo we took a walk over to the marina to check out Ray and Leonie's boat.  This old ambulance was parked in the marina car park ... still in full colours complete with blue lights and siren!

Love the sticker on its side window.  Evidently it is now the 'Zombie Outbreak Response Team' Vehicle !

Elaine, Ray and Leonie ... Elaine was helping with the blog set up.  

Good luck guys - you have a really lovely boat.  Ray also showed me a pic of his Big Healey residing back in NZ ... most impressed!

Back to the boat as we were expecting a fuel delivery from  Mark at M & D Boat Supplies.  He arrived on time and poured in 120 litres at 86p a litre. He also supplied us with a couple of bags of coal, 2 mooring pins (don't ask!) and a spare anti-vandal key.  He runs the business from his narrowboat which is moored opposite us at Crooke.  Great service and a really nice bloke ... he even sent us a text tonight telling us there was a good band playing in the pub if we were interested.  We would have been (interested, that is) but had prior arrangements.  His phone number if you are in the Wigan area is 07760191082 - really helpful chap.

The next bit of excitement of the day was the arrival of the firetruck with lights and siren going ... there was a scrub fire nearby!  It hasn't rained in weeks, I can feel a drought coming on (again !).

Tonight it was round Ian and Cath's house for a Mexican nosh up and a lovely night it was too!

Tomorrow we move ever closer to Liverpool.

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