Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Arvo in Liverpool

It was raining when we finally got out of bed this morning.  We just popped up to the shop for a few supplies and in the early afternoon we had a visit from my nephew, Phillip and his lovely fiancee, Nichola.

They also brought along their lovely little Westie, Ella ...

Sammy was in love with Ella and was a very naughty little boy!  As you can see, his eyes were popping out of his head ... 

It was a pretty crappy day weather wise so we just went for a quick walk round the docks then they had to head off home for a Sunday roast ...

Just as we got back to the boat we got a message from Ray and Toni from NB Ferndale, who were over at the Bierkeller and about to watch the Liverpool vs Chelsea game on the big screen.  We were there in a flash - what a great venue, watching the game surrounded by loads of scousers was sheer magic!   Elaine is no football fan but even she enjoyed the atmosphere.  We were joined later by Ray and Leonie from NB Firefly NZ.  Good game good score, bit strange about the Suarez biting incident though!

When we got back to the boat we took the dogs for their final walk of the day and decided to get a takeaway pizza for dinner.  Whilst waiting for the Pizza we walked down to the Mersey - wow, what a sunset!

Another great day in the Pool!