Sunday, April 7, 2013

Castlefield, Manchester

Elaine here (again!) ... 

Our mooring at the Castlefield basin in Manchester - really lovely restored area surrounded by bars and restaurants and brilliant FREE public transport from the area and around the City.

On Friday morning, we said farewell to Ray and Diane - who were getting on their way so that they made their Liverpool date in good time ... (our Liverpool date is two days after theirs, so we have a bit more time up our sleeves). 

Hilton Hotel and apartments building in the distance ... the old and the new !

On Friday we went to the Science and Industry Museum - which took us a few hours.  It was pretty busy because it was school holiday time, but not unbearable !   Amazingly, it is free admission to the Museum too!

Here I am in a sewer ... Paul takes me to all the best places!

Paul's favourite hall ... all the whirly, steamy bits ... 

and then the flying bits ...

After the Museum we went to see if we could find Dot and Gordon but we missed them as, it turned out that they had come down to see us at the same time !!! (No, I couldn't ring them because my phone had died !)  We headed back to our Castlefield basin and found a local, dog- friendly pub for a swift half ... The Wharf - really pretty place.

On Saturday we went for a bit more of retail therapy in Manchester before heading back to the Wharf again to meet up with Dot and Gordon ... for our very final farewell drink !

It is a brilliant spot and we really, really loved Manchester.  We loved the people and the transport and the doggie-friendliness and the buildings and the food and the pubs ... I won't go on !

View from our mooring ... we have been really lucky with the weather during our stay in the 'rainy city'!

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