Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rooney Rooney !!

Up at 6.30....yep the morning one! I had an appointment with the quack in Macc, so we made a day trip of it and took the train to Macclesfield. We still get such a buzz that we can take the dogs on public transport here, in Australia its a strict no no.

Here we are boarding the glamorously  named Trans Pennine Express.

Bombo gave Elaine a quick wash before departure ...

Sam is as Sam always is.......excited.

Had a nice long chat with the Dr ending up with more and different drugs.

Afterwards we went to Elaines dads house (he was looking after the dogs).

He has lots of squirrels visiting his garden. ...

They send the dogs mental ...

El and dad, always good to have a catch up ...

So here we are sat on Macclesfield station waiting for our train, and who should turn up....

Wayne Rooney and about 5 other Man Utd Players!  They were heading down to London as Man Utd play West Ham tomorrow.  They live close to Macclesfield in some of the more prestigious country areas.

I was nearly wetting myself with excitement, Elaine was just embarrassed by my behavior! 
Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney

Had a nice trip back on the train - the dogs are fantastic travellers, they just sleep.

 Its still very windy in the dock.  I was a bit pissed off because one of my nice new ropes had just about chafed through and snapped ... the jetties are a tad short for the longer boats and with all the wind and rocking the strain on the centre rope was a bit too much.

Another thing that I didnt really think of is that the boat is fitted with magnesium anodes, which are fantastic for fresh water, but now we are in salt water, they start to over protect!  You can actually see the anodes bubbling and fizzing....I will have to keep an eye on them as we are here for 2 weeks!

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