Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foul Weather Cruising

We went for a drink or three last night with Ray and Leonie (NB Firefly NZ) at The Bootle Arms in Melling; the place was like the Tardis - there were people on all levels inside the pub!  They were doing a roaring trade ... must be because the UK avoided the triple dip recession!

We left about 11.00 am this morning followed by NB Firefly NZ.  No locks today, just lots of swing bridges for the girls to do.

Some old biddy had a whinge to them at a footbridge as she would now miss her bus because she was held up. (Elaine said later that she felt like 'giving her 20 cents'  (as in, "How about I give you 20 cents so you can call someone who cares!) - nasty girl!)

Lots of little ducklings about ...

Elaine and Leonie (plus the dogs) walked for miles between all the bridges ...

The sun barely gets above the horizon up north - this place is hopeful!

Talking of sun, the weather deteriorated rapidly - it started blowing a gale, and pissing down with rain!  I love everything about this country but the weather is absolutely appealing appalling!
We started looking for somewhere for both boats to stop for the day and we found it, right outside a pub (just for a change!).

I went inside and booked dinner for the 4 of us tonight.  It looks a bit upmarket inside, I may have to wear a shirt!

Leonie invited us on board for late lunch - pancakes which were very more-ish!

So I had better go now and put on the good clobber as it is near dinner time.

We are moored outside The Saracens Head at Halsall.


  1. We had lunch at Saracens in 2010. Great food if I recall! Elly