Monday, April 8, 2013

Elaine stops the traffic!

There was a good swell running this morning when we left Astley !
I quite like the Bridgewater canal.  It is very wide and seems deep ... plus there are no boats about.

It wasn't long before we were in the old mill town of Leigh.

We cruised past some old preserved mills that will hopefully (somehow) one day be restored into their former glory.

Passing little and large!

We had a lunch break in Leigh.  I tootled off to get a few bits of shopping at the local Aldi whilst Elaine gave the boat a good inside-clean, including washing down the walls and ceilings.

After a quick left-overs-from-last-night's-dinner lunch we were off again, passing Pennington Flash Country Park.   I couldn't help noticing that the scenery around here was rather er Australian ... as in brown and burnt looking!  Come to think of it, I don't think it has rained for at least a month!

Then we came to the Plank Lane swing bridge, which according to our waterways guide was to be manned by a bridge keeper....well there weren't no man no more - just a box with buttons on it!

This one was on a very busy main road - Elaine absolutely hates stopping the traffic!  We did pretty well and got through it very quickly in blustery conditions ... we had a fair traffic jam though even in that short space of time ... including a double decker bus !  There had been lots of sirens in the distance on our way towards the bridge, but thankfully none whilst we had the road up in the air!

You can just see Elaine's head looking around from the console to make sure that I have passed through.

Sam checked the map and said, "there is a pub coming up soon that has sky TV, so you can go and have a drink and watch the Man Utd vs Man City Game.....".  What a good dog!

So we stopped at the Dover Lock Inn ... now, in my opinion, this would have to be one of the grubbier pubs we have been in - plus they didn't allow dogs!  Never mind, El and I had quite a nice dinner before she headed off back to the boat leaving me with the locals to watch the game!  They were all Man City supporters so I kept a low profile ... plus the bastards won :-(

On a completely different note.....RIP Margaret Thatcher.

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