Monday, April 29, 2013

Stay Put Day

We had a lovely dinner last night at the Saracens Head with Ray and Leonie (NB Firefly NZ).  We didn't have too far to walk home - as you can see from the pic below!

We woke this morning to gale conditions and as we have no time frame at the moment we decided to stay put for the day!

We went for a long walk with the doggies - it is still bloody freezing.  Our first stop was the monument to the 'Halsall Navvy'.  Elaine was so taken by him she gave him a kiss ... she also commented that his physique was rather similar to mine, although I do have 2 legs - unlike the poor navvy!

We went up to Halsall village, nothing there except a church and a couple of little businesses.

We did a big circular route and came back down the towpath, the dogs had a good run.

It was so windy Bombo coudn't do a thing with his hair ...

This afternoon I touched up the blacking and did some rope splicing whilst Elaine went foraging for wild garlic and dandelion heads (double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble!)
Later on Ray and I popped into the pub for early doors and had  a swift one or two.

Re the stoning by the unruly scrotes when we passed through bridge 9 at Aintree on Saturday, I sent off a letter to C&RT and the Merseyside police.  This morning just after nine the cops rang so I could give them the full story - they are going to pass it on to the local area cops!  This afternoon we received a letter from C&RT with an incident form to fill out.  They did say that they don't take any action unless there are incident reports lodged - so it is always worth reporting these things to them.  As I said before there was no damage or injuries but it would be such a shame if people were put off using the Liverpool link because of a couple of anti social little bastards.


  1. You guys should been down South! Lovely warm and sunny weather down here, its a different world! Sorry to hear about the stoning, hope you get a result from the police.