Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ferry Cross the Mersey

After a late start we made our way towards the ferry terminal, passing the Echo and the Bunnymen lambanana!

We left on the ferry with the sound of 'Ferry cross the Mersey' blasting out of the ferry speakers.

Looking back towards Albert Dock and the dock entrance from the River Mersey ...

Looking towards the other side of river was Seacombe ...

We sat next to an Aussie chap on the way over - he was over here on business in London and Nice, he had come up to Liverpool, for the weekend to have a looksie. He lived in Canberra, and was very vague on what he was here for so I am guessing it was some sort of government business - it's nearly all government business in Canberra!

Of course the doggies came along, they are most welcome on the ferry.

Passing the tobacco warehouse which was, and still is, the largest brick building in the world!

Nice view of our favourite Liverpool building ...

With a ferry thrown in as well ...

There is even a beach the other side ...

We walked from the Seacombe ferry terminal to New Brighton along the boardwalk, a distance of about 2.5 miles.

This galleon is made up out of old drift wood, pretty swift I reckon.

All along the boardwalk the houses are rather nice and there were quite a few people out walking and cycling etc. however, when you get to New Brighton, it all goes a bit "how ya goin"!   I reckon there was a 'Shameless' convention going on! As Elaine said, they do seem to breed rather well in these parts!

Apart from that the beach was quite nice with a very nice lighthouse - oh, and look at that blue sky.

We had some nice old greasy fish and chips then went down the beach and chucked a stick for Bombo ...

On the walk back to the ferry terminal the ferry from the Isle of Man was coming up the river.  Now the interesting part, the ship is a wave piercing catamaran, built by Incat in Tasmania Australia....good eh?! 

The old and the new ...

There were very few people about as we walked back to the Seacombe ferry terminal.  It is a very wide boardwalk/cycle path with no motor vehicles allowed, but some how 2 cyclists smashed into each other ... one was a lycra clad nob on a race bike and the other was on a mountain bike wearing full camouflage ... obviously the camo worked too well!

Another wonderful day out in Liverpool!


  1. My home town, Hope you are enjoying. John Mck.

  2. Great pictures, reminding us of our days there last summer, Jumble loved the beach at New Brighton too. So did we!