Saturday, August 3, 2013

1 Aug 13 to Windsor

Elaine here !  We had a disaster with the internet connection last night – just as Paul was about to start it … we ran out of data !  Oops!  NOT my fault … although I always do seem to get the blame!  We really can’t work out where out 15 GB of data disappears to in one month – we don’t look at videos or watch TV – who knows !  Anyway, I tried and tried to tether to our phone but ‘3’  aren’t having any of it … they block my efforts every way I try.  Consequently, I am typing this up in Windows Live Writer and will post it when we get back on the internet at midnight of 5th (or maybe before if we can connect to a wifi somewhere) !!  We havn’t really tried live writer before, so this could be the answer for us in the future in saving some of our data!
For some bizarre reason I woke up at 5.30 am this morning – I was just suddenly AWAKE!  So – I got up and took the dogs for a walk, took Geoffrey (the cat) for a walk, made some Pumpkin soup for the evening, hoovered all through and then washed the floors … then Paul got up !!! 
Here is a shot from the side hatch at about 6 am … it really is a lovely time of day – just a shame I can’t do it more often!  There was a nip in the air also … so different to later in the day when it got to 34 degrees!!!!  What the?!!2013-08-01 04.25.48
Geoffrey’s morning walk … he is always amazed that every time he gets off for a stroll he has a brand new garden!
2013-08-01 04.45.29
After Paul got up and made the bed we looked back and found the animals had all returned there …. obviously too early for them !
2013-08-01 08.29.31
And so, with everything done we set sail for today’s destination, which was Windsor … along the way we spotted NB Justice …
2013-08-01 09.28.53
and this ‘spaceship-style house …
2013-08-01 09.54.53
We got to Windsor by about  2pm – this is a pic as we were just drawing into town … Paul said he couldn’t believe they would build a castle right underneath the flight path!  (I know, an oldie, but a goodie).
2013-08-01 12.37.35
We slipped up a sneaky side arm in the centre of Windsor and found a fantastic mooring – made to measure, right beside a park.  We were glad not to have had to moor up on the other side because there was a funfair in progress and loads of people were about over there !
2013-08-01 13.07.47
After getting a couple of ice creams, we sat about for a while as it was soooooo hot, we just didn’t want to be moving about too much! Who would have thought we would have ever been saying that … especially after last year’s summer!
Following is a pic of Paul sitting outside the boat, on the bench … scaring the tourists with his bare torso!  I joined him for a while and we watched while an Indian chap posed his little 4 or so year old daughter on the rear deck while he took a photo of her.  We just thought it was really cute … but when he did it to the next boat along the cranky boat owner was out in a flash with a stern “get off my boat!”  We really don’t mind people posing on / by the boat … especially little, tiny people – we find it quite nice that they are interested in our quirky way of life.  Of course, it is our home and we wouldn’t want any louts parading on it but we did say that the reaction of the next boat owner was a little excessive!!
2013-08-01 15.35.32
Paul’s Sister and Brother in Law, Lynne and Mick, came over at about 7 pm to deposit Paul’s nephew, Liam,who is having his narrowboating break with us!  After Lynne and Mick left we all went for a walk around Windsor – really pretty spot and very busy with tourists and fair-go-ers!  We came across the Long Walk but didn’t walk it …
2013-08-01 20.04.53
Well, what do you know … we saw Kate in the local phone box …
2013-08-01 20.19.30
… and also the Queen …
2013-08-01 20.18.59
As it was such a hot evening, people were out and about everywhere – this little alley way could be anywhere in Europe …
2013-08-01 20.16.04
We also came across the biggest thistle we have ever seen in our lives …. scared Paul half to death !
2013-08-01 20.08.24
… and after all that excitement it was back to the boat to try and get the internet working – to no avail – so to bed !!

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  1. Hi Elaine and Paul,
    James and Doug recommended Livewriter to us - it's great if you have a slow internet connection as ours always seems to be (if we can get one, that is!) Much quicker on adding photos too.
    Best wishes - we are enjoying your adventures!