Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eating Well!!

I had a chat with Elaine today. She is having a nice time with her Dad.  She has seen the Doc and is also going to the Dentist whilst she is up there, plus take Bombo to the vet to have a look at his teeth!  We give him loads of stuff to try and keep his teeth and gums in good nick, but they are looking a bit manky!  We think that he may be older than we think, which generally happens when you get dogs from the pound ... he was supposed to be only 2 years old when we got him back in 2007 but I suspect he was a lot older.

So they should both come back with a clean bill of health and a much lighter wallet!

Meanwhile on the home front, I took Sammie out for a good early morning walk, then got stuck into freshening up the rear deck.

It took longer than I thought to sand it and prime it with undercoat, it was also pretty hot out in the sun all day.

It's looking a lot better.  Tomorrow I will put on the topcoat, although checking the forecast there may be showers. 

I took Sammie for yet another walk then broke out the emergency rations ... Steak and Ale pie, mushy peas and mash....I only had a couple of Jaffa Cakes and coffee for lunch so I was a bit hungry, OK!

I was going to go to the pub quiz night, I think I may just chill with a glass of red!


  1. If its Fray Bentos you have to be desperate!

  2. At least you managed some mashed potatoes, or did you?!!!!


  3. Have you seen Irene's photo of the dry dock at the Tesco at Bull's Bridge? Looks as though your persistence may have paid off.