Saturday, August 10, 2013

Onto Hungerford

I took the dogs for a walk this morning up to the village of Kintbury.  Unfortunately I didn't take the camera, which was bit of a bugger as it was such a lovely village ... never mind, we will pass by again on the way back.

We were moored just in front of the water point so we pushed the boat back for a top up and empty the rubbish etc. and then set off.

One lock we went through today had this ground paddle gear ... it was fantastic, dead easy to use and self locking up or down, no more grease under the finger nails, girls!

Yet another delightful lock setting, this one was completely fenced in so you had to climb over the stile ...

Bombo was happy as it was yet another sunny, warm day - please, please go on longer.

Approaching Hungerford ... the only thing I knew about Hungerford was the massacre  in 1987.  It is nearly the anniversary as it happened on 19th August - he shot 16 people dead then himself.

Onto brighter and better things, a Tuk Tuk in Hungerford!
But Why?

A thatch amongst the terraces ...

This resident even had a doggie bowl outside their house...nice.

Hungerford isn't what I expected - I thought it was a small village.  In fact it is a small market town of about 7000 people.  There are loads of antique shops, some looking more like scrap metal merchants though!  £850 for a early 1900s in the wall post box ... dream on!

There was a wedding going on at the Town Hall ...

There is the blushing bride ...

... and off they go to the reception in the Tuk Tuk!!
They should be in Thailand about the same time as we hit Bristol.

There is also a very clear stream running through the town.  Now my knowledge of fish is equal to my knowledge about UK butterflies ...

So here goes, nice trout?

Here is the stream, with a very nice house next to it.

Sammie thought he was a bear and quite fancied jumping in and scooping a few up.

Here is tonight's mooring, we will stay here 'till Monday. 

And here is a notice on a door next to the canal ... love it!

We have both abluted and put on our new designer togs purchased in Newbury, so we are going to go on a pub crawl of Hungerford and try and find a band to listen to ... another lay in coming up!


  1. Your trout looks a bit like a Green Tench to me. Perhaps if Paul from Piston Broke is reading blogs still he might confirm as I know is loves fishing

  2. Just given Allyson a new ipad2 for her birthday, so I am now enjoying the quality of your photos on my second hand ipad1. Very impressive! Keep it up!
    Andrew (Pendlebury)

  3. The fish in question is a Grayling, the large dorsal fin is the noticable on the second photo.

  4. yo dudes, you must visit the fish & chip shop, reputed to be one of the best in the country. It’s at the top of the main street, right hand side. George

    1. We will try that one on the way back, unless we take the shortcut back up the channel.