Friday, August 9, 2013

Newbury to Kintbury

We had to force ourselves to leave Newbury today, it was turning into another Paddo!  Before we left we took another walk into Newbury with the boys, where I bought a couple of shirts from one of the charity shops ... nice class of charity shop down these southern parts - the northern charity shops are OK but how many donkey jackets and flat caps do you need?!

Back to the good ship where these two moorhens were having a little dance next to the boat ...

Off we went passing this boat with a real lawn on the roof ... how??

There were some really nice lock settings along the way.  We were following a nice couple up the locks in a wide beam, once again roping it up when in the locks .... where was it going to go?

Another nice setting.  I am enjoying the K and A but El is not enjoying it as much ... too many locks and swing bridges, she reckons.

Where's the boat?

Red Admiral?

And yet another nice lock setting.  Not a lot happened today so I am padding it out ... suppose I could mention that we did 2 loads of washing, ran the drier, had 2 cups of coffee and one cup of tea plus Elaine had the very pleasant job of changing the kitty litter!

So a rest was needed on a beam with her lock buddy ...

Look another nice lock setting, this time in panavision!

We intended pushing on the Hungerford but fagged out at Kintbury where we stopped and emptied the very full cassettes of nastiness, got rid of a few days of rubbish that was getting very pongy on the roof plus filled the water tank.

Just in front of the water point the Hotel Boat 'Wessex Rose' was about to leave so I went to check it out quickly!  It is a most impressive bit of kit - he reversed off to the winding hole with his bow and stern thrusters working away ...very nice.

Poor little Sammie has cut his paw, so nurse Elaine sorted it out and told him to rest and elevate it for the rest of the day...

No probs he replied ...

Have a good weekend peoples xx


  1. Jill, Matilda RoseAugust 9, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    Poor Sammie, looks like he's being a good patient though.

  2. Hi both, we’ve seen the boat with lawn on the roof and the small mower on the back deck - our question though was not ‘how’ but why??

    1. Why is easy, there are a lot of strange boaters down these parts!

  3. Hi Paul, my turn - it's a Peacock butterfly :)

    1. I am sorry Dot but you are wrong. It is a well known fact that in the UK all ptetty butterflies are Red Admirals and all the others are Cabbage Whites!