Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Cant Think of a Title.......

........Which is true, because it was a strange day, I think it is because it has always been me that has taken off on business trips, motorcycle trips with my mates etc, this was different, this was Elaine leaving me, it felt odd....but at least she wasnt going the other side of the planet thank god!

We took the dogs for a good walk to tire them out, especially Bombo, as he was up for a four hour train trip with no breaks, no probs really as they go all night easily..

We walked up the hills surrounding Bedwyn

Absolutely gorgeous countryside, I never knew much about Wiltshire, but it is just so pretty with gorgeous little villages, but no tourists, just the locals.

This tree had fallen recently.....

....but it wasnt a complete tree.....

....it was just a very large branch off a huge tree.

This fox was tied up outside the bakery.

Here is Bedwyn railway station with Caxton in the back ground, good spot eh?

I went on the train with Elaine to Reading where she would catch the X Country train to Macclesfield.

Bombo had a rest before his trip, he loves trains, and would much prefer to be with his mum as he is such a mummy's boy.

Off they go.



I had to wait for 30 mins to catch the train back to Bedwyn, once a board a family of two young girls and their mum sat next to me, they were on their way home to Devizes from Sweden, they had been away from their dog for a couple of weeks, so they fussed little Sammie to death.

Not that he complained.

He is smiling not growling.

I think they might have had a few bob, their dad met them at the station in his Rolls convertible, they introduced me to him as he was educated in Brisbane before going to South Africa.

After all the excitement, I thought we had better pop into the pub for a swift couple before returning to the good ship.

Its very unusual for Sammie to crash, but crash he did on the pub floor.

Got back to the boat to a lovely sunset.

The locals raced up for their supper.

Tomorrow it's repaint the worn out bits on the boat. 


  1. Hi Paul

    So sorry to hear Elaine's not feeling to good and just as sorry the two of you never made it to Bristol, I had planned to seek the two of you out, sounds a bit creepy but meant in the nicest possible way of course! Good luck with your return trip and take care. Paula

    1. Not creepy, good fun, plus we would have been honoured.

  2. Jill, Matilda RoseAugust 21, 2013 at 8:41 AM

    Big softy; you know you're missing her already.
    Which night is the party - we're only by Cookham?

    1. Quiz night at the pub tonight, who knows what after!