Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Aug 13 - Wet Stuff!

This morning Liam and I went for a walk around Reading.  It has changed a lot since I use to come to The Reading festivals in the 70’s … Thin Lizzy closing the show with Emerald … Magic!  After buying a few essentials I also tried to buy some new shorts but the smallest size I could find was 38 – there must be some large gents in Reading, mind you I am catching up fast!

So, when we got back to the boat, we set off through a traffic light controlled canal through the centre of Reading.

Here is Elaine walking forward to hit the traffic light switch …

I said to Bombo look there is a Debenhams on the right!  


"Where?  Oh, I see it !"

...you do make me larf!


After all that canine hilarity it was into the first lock of the day …


I liked the brick work on these houses …

Elaine roped a few of the local lads to give her a hand with heavy gates!  P1020657

Into the strange turf sided Garston Lock …

The jungle is taking over the pill box …

The weather suddenly changed and it rained heavily!  It is the first heavy rain we have had in weeks, so after the Tyle Mill lock, and a thorough drenching, we pulled up for the night.  After the rain had stopped Liam and I left Elaine on the boat to catch up with Home and Away and took the dogs for a walk … we ended up at a very nice pub.  When we got back Elaine informed us that Home and Away had already finished for the season…aahhhhh.

Bombo was going nuts at the local swans …


So here is tonight’s mooring…..

Very different from where we have been mooring over the last few weeks!

Tonight at midnight our monthly data should reset and we will post these blogs … we will have to keep an eye on our usage from now on!


  1. Ah, Reading in the 70's, 1975, happy memories for me, Rosalie, Black Rose, Cowboy Song, 1977 was bloody muddy and wet. Think Golden Earring, Aerosmith, and Alex Harvey band as well as Lizzie.

    1. 1977 was the year a chap drowned in the mud in front of the stage!

  2. Oy that's our post! We moored in exactly the same spot, on the way back, was there still a field full of sheep and one cow?