Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4 Aug 13 to Reading

Elaine here …

We had a great mooring in Henley on Thames right next to a park.  It was such a lovely, lovely place – we really didn’t want to be leaving !

When we looked out in the morning we saw this couple taking their cats for a walk … cute !


Paul’s brother, sister-in-law and niece (Russ, Tracy and Kim) were due to join us today and they arrived mid morning ready to join us on our little cruise on this part of the Thames.  Sammie adores Kim and hardly left her side all day …


… but Bombo tries to get in on the action!

The great plan for yesterday was to chuck a u-ey and go back up to the previous lock to fill up with water … also to show Russ, Tracy and Kim the views through Henley.  Unfortunately we got it all wrong and the water point wasn’t at the previous lock at all – it was at the one before that!  So, we ended up going through the lock and then back to Hurley to get water and do our deposits etc!  That took us about an hour or so, so we did another swift U-ey at the bottom of the Hurley lock (much to the amazement of onlooking cruisers!) and set off back from whence we had come!!!

I love it when Russ comes ‘cos I get to ‘stand down’ from my duties a bit !  Here they are … double trouble …

Paul loves it too … he gets to relax in the cratch while Russ drives!  (I do drive the boat these days but don’t let Paul go too far away from me – and definitely don’t let him lounge around in the cratch !!)


When we got back to Henley we got a brilliant mooring right by the park again !  Why did we moor up again?  Because my Sister and Bro-in-Law were passing through Henley and we arranged to meet them for a quick cuppa!

While we were stopped, Russ decided to take a dip in the Thames …


… and here we all are in the park bench – Paul, Paul, Tracy, Me, Julie and Bombo !


Aah … Liam and Kimbo (plus Sammie) …


We had a chat for a bit and then got along our merry way.

This was the last lock of the day – on the Thames at least.  We just made it in time for the lockie to do it for us before he finished for the day …


Paul on bow rope duty …


Russ on stern rope duty …


Russ, Tracy and Liam in the ‘driving seat’ !


As we neared the turn toward the Kennet and Avon we had a sinking feeling … looked like a pretty yukky view after the glorious Thames …


We found a mooring in Reading and tied up just beside where some feral kids were playing!  We all headed off in search of dinner and luckily found a ‘spoons just around the corner … yay!  After dinner we walked Russ, Tracy and Kim back to their car and Paul, Liam and myself walked back to the boat.  On the way back we noticed we were moored up right next to some kind of juvenile detention centre / prison.  It was the quietest night we have had for ages !!

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  1. If you moored in the arm in Reading it is a prison, the arm was closed for a waterways festival when we went up!