Thursday, August 8, 2013

Newbury The Perfect Market Town

Newbury seemed such a lovely town, we thought we would stay put for the day and have a look around.

Before that Liam and myself took the dogs for a walk, we were watching this boat go up through the lock and once again they had the boat tied in, engine switched off and his Mrs opening one paddle but only ever so slightly, it was going to take hours to fill so we walked off, we hadn't got far when we heard the old boy screaming, Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, Christ no etc, they had their grand kids with them, we thought one of them had fallen in, we went back to check to see what had happened......the scene was shocking....the bow rope had come off the bollard!!!!!! The old boy was going off his rocker...Is it a K and A thing all these ropes and turning the engine off etc, I use a centre rope when I  jump off and give Elaine a hand, but that is about it.

I felt so sorry for the grand kids, they didn't look happy being out with grandad and grandma. When they got to the swing bridge the old duck wouldn't keep the swing bridge open for another boat she wanted to shut it and let them use their key, she relented in the end, some strange boat people down these parts.

We took the the dogs back to the boat, grabbed El and went out for a bit of retail therapy, we just love the way they have preserved the town centre, the big retail shops are there, but they are up small lanes just outside the town centre, all in easy walking distance.

The fish van was in the market square.

So was the butchers truck

This butcher sold the best snags I have tasted since being in the UK 

The town centre opens to traffic after 17.00, it works really well.

And the retail therapy?  Elaine bought a dress and cardie..

I bought a pair of shorts because this summer will never it. I also bought a belt just in case I lose weight and the shorts end up around my ankles, a shirt finished the spree off.

Nice waterfront dog friendly pub 

We can thoroughly recommend Newbury, in our humble opinion its the best market town we have been to in our 15 months here on the great adventure. 

We also popped into Hamptons International estate agents to enquire about.......


  1. What is it with some people and ropes in locks! Darn sight more dangerous using them than not for many and why do you need them sharing a double lock!

  2. Don't chuck your trolleys in the canal, use the Tesco trolley finder app and I'm sure they'll come and collect them for you!!!!:)


  3. As an ignorant Pom (or possibly southerner).... what are snags?
    Debby :)