Friday, August 23, 2013

Great Bedwyn Day 5

Five days in Great Bedwyn  today!  Apart from Paddo, where we stayed for nearly a month on and off, I think this is the longest time in one place.  It's certainly a bit different from Paddo - the only thing in common is the trains that speed through the station are coming or going to Paddo!

I am getting to know a few of the locals, especially the landlord of the Cross Keys and his staff! Sammie is trying to shag every dog in the village, boy or girl, he isn't fussy.

Elaine took Bombo to the vets today to get his teeth cleaned.  Apparently they now put Shane Warne's nashers to shame!

Bombo was still a bit sore and was reluctant to flash his tonight !

Elaine will be back soon so we can plan our future cruising plans or whatever!

So to today's happening on the boat ... not a lot really!  I sanded down the rear deck with wet and dry and got another coat on before anyone came past for a chat, it is now acceptable.  Then it was the hoovering, washing clothes etc, riveting stuff!

I did have a quick chat to a couple of Aussies that cruised past on NB Matilda Blue, they have lived on the boat for seven years, the last five touring Europe.

The boat in front is waiting for his brother to join him - he has just flown in from Mexico Melbourne.  Another boat has pulled up behind flying a Aussie flag off the bow but I have't spoken to them yet. Bloody Aussies everywhere!

Now I am sitting down to a 'spag bol' then it's off to the pub ... as long as I don't act like Sammie I should be OK!


  1. Great pub the cross keys. I used to work in the pub 20 years ago when my parents lived in great bedwyn. Great hearing about your time there. Hope Elaine is back soon and ok. Lovely part of the world. They are great villages down south! We are biased as we're southerners!

    1. Well it is a small world, I really should venture further afield and try the other pub.

  2. I seriously need to get back so I can edit the blog! It is goin to pot! Elaine x

  3. Hi Elaine
    Yes we miss your touch. Hope all is ok and you are back cruising again soon.