Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 Aug 13 to Henley

We had a good night at the Bounty last night even though we couldn’t get any food as they stopped serving at 20.00 and we tried to order at 20.02! He was bit of a pedantic t**t, but so be it - we had a free mooring!  There was a fair crowd in the pub watching the recovery of the truck in the Thames, it was just about midnight before they were completely finished packed up and gone.


This morning I took the dogs for a walk across the other side of the river so I could get a shot of our mooring …

It was a lot busier today, but no probs as we had lots of nice chats whilst waiting at the locks. We are totally loving the Thames, it is so easy and the scenery is just stunning.  As for the houses…I have seen the pics on all the other blogs, and always thought they looked ‘nice’ etc but when you see them in the full context of the river and the surrounding scenery they are just mind blowing. The question is, “are they happy?”

So like all the other blogs we will have random pics of very nice houses …

Synchronised swan upping …

We had lots of good chats in the locks with all the cruiser owners – it’s funny, we havn’t shared a lock with a narrowboat since we have been on the Thames!

Look at this place…

Then there was this one …

Elaine took this shot from the cratch, where she spent most of the day today … P1020602

I wish the internet was working so I could check out this amphicar that passed us by …

This is my favourite house so far …

Then we cruised into Henley.  There was a rowing regatta going on but once again, wow - what a place, we are just loving this river.

As for the committee launches (I presume that's what they are, I know bugger all about rowing) I have never seen boats like them and in such superb condition.

Nice pub by the bridge, we paid it a visit later … nice pub but plastic glasses…yuk!

There is a nice launch under all that duck shit …

We had a walk around Henley with the boys, where we came across this pet shop … they both went mental and wouldn't stop barking, they have never done it before, it must have been the giant cat!

We also found this….amazing, just thought it might have been a bit more impressive.
Loved Dusty  xx

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