Thursday, August 22, 2013

Staining, Painting, Eating Better and Cows!!

Forgot to mention yesterday, that I had a chat with the local C&RT man, explaining to him why I was going to overstay on the 48 hour moorings.  He said it was not a problem and to just update once a week!  Yikes, I don't think it will be that long!  Mind you, it is a lovely village to stay in, and in a very broad-well-meaning-statement (IMHO) the southern villages are a lot nicer than their northern counterparts.

So back to today, it rained a fair bit overnight meaning there would be no painting outside for a while, so what to do?  Go back to bed or stain the vanity top thingy in the bathroom?  The vanity won and it came out looking good!  I have no probs with mechanical things but painting, staining and general DIY aren't my forte, so I was a tad worried!

Pretty good I reckon ...

Now to the painting .... I did get a coat on but by the time I  had sanded back the primer it was getting very warm, and it was probably not the best time to paint!  Then again I thought to myself it will be snowing soon so away I went!  I had to work really quickly as it was drying as soon as it was on the brush, even though I had added some additive to make it flow better.

Then a voice from beside me ... "G'Day mate, Aussie are you?!

I replied, F*^k off Im trying to get this paint on, "Sorry old chap, I can't chat at the mo, give me 30 mins and I am all yours!

So, off they went.

Five mins later ..."Excuse me, could you move up a ring so I can get the bum of my boat on the edge of visitor moorings, the missus has got a gammy leg and can't jump off onto the bank".

"FFS I am trying to paint my kin boat".... "No probs", I replied and duly moved the boat back a ring.

Result ... it isn't the best paint job in the world, but it does look better.

The Aussie couple came back down the towpath and we had a good chat.  They were originally poms and went to Oz in 1981.  ( I went in 1980)   They have been back here for one month plus have another month before they head back downunder, they also had a month in Europe before the UK.  They are loving being here and they said that if wasn't for the fact that they had children and grand children back in Oz they would love to settle in the UK again.

After the painting was finished  I made myself a 'ring stinger' of a Chicken and Mushroom Vindaloo.  Well, I started it off and decided I would finish it when I got back from taking Sammie for a walk to the pub ...

It was a lovely warm evening for a walk ...

So I said to Sammie ... "We have to walk through these cows, be a good boy and don't bark".
I don't trust cows, they are big buggers close up! 

And close up we did get!!

Who are you screwing?

Through the nice graveyard...if there is such a thing ...

Lawn mown today ...

Past Manor Farmhouse ...

And into the Cross keys, but the battery had gone flat so no pics of the pub.

A couple of pints of London Pride and back to the good ship to finish off the curry.

Because I moved the boat I have lost the satellite for the TV!  Never mind, I am chilling out to The Cure, Morrisey, Joy Division et al.

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