Saturday, August 17, 2013

Caen Hill Flight in Record Time

I picked up my 3 months supply of drugs today from Boots ... we ended up ringing the surgery in Macclesfield yesterday arvo and persuaded them to fax the script straight through to Boots in Devizes.  It worked!  This morning it was all ready to pick up but the pharmacy chap still had a bit of a problem getting his head around it all and couldn't work out how we managed to get 3 months worth!  Next time I need drugs we will be back in the Macc area, so it wil be easier!  We have booked a berth back in Aston Marina starting on 1st November, we are doing  a month by month basis in case the boat gets sold!

We then had a bit of a walk around Devizes (and went for a yummy, late breakfast!)  It is a really great town, lots of nice shops - just no train station, which to me is a must as it's such a easy way to get around the country.

The Shambles market was on, but it was all but over by the time we got there!
Shambles Market

We then decided that as we were so close to the famous Caen Hill Flight that we should really give it a go.

So, off we went.  Can you spot the camouflaged boat ... it really does blend into the bank ...

Here we go then....

...and here we are at the bottom.

It wasn't too bad going down hill.

Elaine took this one, she is a bit crook and has lost her sense of balance ...
(ha ha - El)

Here she is. resting at the bottom before we head back up!

We went down, turned around and went back up the flight in what I reckon was a record time of 1.50 hours.  Not bad eh?!

Did I forget to mention that we left the boat behind and we walked it!

(We heard one of the hire boaters saying to someone that it had taken them 4 hours to get down!)

The weather has been a bit rainy plus a lot cooler today, so it was nice to get back to the cosy boat.  I left Elaine on the boat for a couple of hours and went down to the pub to watch Man Utd beat Swansea.  Another season starts ... love it!

Thank you all for the best wishes re Elaine.  Tomorrow we will head off towards Great Bedwyn so I can send her and her trusty sidekick, Bombo, off on the train up north to get sorted xxx


  1. Hi Paul,
    The norm for my own BP drugs prescription is one month at a time, two by written special request with good reason, which is what I have just done to go on this cruise. When I wanted three months for our first world cruise it was near impossible, and I had to be interviewed. Our second world cruise required four months, and they wanted me to sign off with them to register locally one month at a time. I had to convince them I was on a ship with full medical facilities but no access to prescriptions.

    1. This id the second 3 month supply I have got, I just told the Dr up in Macclesfield we were living on a narrowboat and could I have 3 months worth, no probs he replied. When I left Australia brought a years supply, but it cost me $800.00