Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2 Aqueducts in 1 day !

We went for a final walk around Llangollen this morning, it looked even more picturesque as there was this strange glowing thing in the sky...the sun was out!

Love the fruit shop, we had a bit of a stock up 

Then we were off, Geoffrey the cat with no ears joined Bombo and Sam up on deck.

Once again across the Ponty Aqueduct 

Next was the Chirk Aqueduct  
Back into England

Buzzed by a chopper, by the time we  took the pic he had climbed a fair bit, but his first pass he came over the top of the boat very low!  

We passed the meaning of life boat.

Nice Geese

Squashing her babies
We carried on for a little bit further

And are now moored at the Lion Quays  Hotel at Moreton, it is a country club with jetties outside, we just about managed to get tied up as it was very shallow.
Popped in for a swift one, we were listening in to the events coordinator talking to a youngish couple about their wedding do, they were catering for 240 people!!!! We got married in Vegas with 2 guests!!! We are truly Nigel no friends :-( 


  1. Hi Paul
    I noticed that you were asking Ken (Nb Dogma) about mudweights.
    We always used one of those 56lb weights that are on Caxton as a mudweight keeping it on the stern in readiness when we were on a river.

  2. I noticed 2 of them in the hold, I thought they were for ballast....did you put a length of chain on first or just use rope?

  3. nice to see ONE of your cats enjoying the roof with the dogs- even if they are surrounded by water!!