Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Inside Story !

Elaine here - still in rainy Ellesmere, Shropshire !  We discovered the Mere yesterday, which was lovely - here is a pic of a Swan's bum to prove we were there !!

Not too much to report, so I thought I would take the opportunity to post some pics of the inside of our boat - as my lovely friend, Krista Jane (in Aus) has requested to see how we live ... the 'inside story' !!!  So, here goes ...

Lovely kitchen - the doors at the back are the stern of the boat
Kitchen again
Showing dishwasher, drier and fridge !!
View from Kitchen
Dining area here - we have some tables that plug into the holes you can see on the floor
Dogs in their beds - oops I mean our chairs !
Showing where the tv hides !
Dogs love these chairs and Geoffrey and William sleep by the radiator
Walk through bathroom - lovely shower
Dunny and nice sink - looking to back of the boat
I lurv this sink !

Our bed - folds down - across the walk way - so is pretty big - big enough for 2 humans and 5 animals !
Being followed by animals while taking the pics !  Bedroom looking back toward bathroom!
Loads of cupboard space everwhere !  Nice little reading lights over the bed also !
Looking towards front of boat at the 'cratch' - bit of a garden shed at the moment !
Handy place to dry our washing - on a warm day !  Jaffa looking on !
View from cratch into bedroom - Sammy watching me !
Back toward back of boat - view from bathroom!
That's it - that's the palace !  Brilliant wood burner in the corner - for when it's not summer ...hmmmm!
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