Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whitchurch to Wrenbury

A late start today as we had a late night, 1.30am! Time flies when you sit around on the boat drinking, reading and listening to music.
First stop was to fill up with fuel at Viking afloat Whitchurch 131 Litres, so since the last fill up we are averaging 1.35 litres per hour, with the motor being run on an average of 4.21 hours a day. We have also had the hurricane heater running on a few occasions, so the main engine would actually use less than 1.35 litres per hour, pretty damn good I reckon.

Started off in full wet weather gear for a change......not!

Had another good run, with not too many boats about

Elaine likes this barn, but I don't know why.

Can a pub get any closer to the canal? We didn't stop for a swift was closed.

 Bombo needed a bit of a fuss, he is a needy little bugger.

There was a hire boat boat behind us full of scousers, they were a very nice bunch and always gave Elaine a hand with the locks.

Notice how she was dressed for the English summer! They are still saying summer will be here next week....

Geoffry came up on deck for a while.

When we got to Wrenbury the boat in front had their crew operating the lift bridge and holding up the traffic, Elaine was very relieved. 

Tonight's Pub of the Day

The Cotton Arms in Wrenbury, it was full of caravanners  from the adjoining field. Not sure where all the narrow boaters were. Dogs allowed in bars. plus it had a very tasty barmaid! 


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine,
    When do you think you'll make Chester as you are only a day or two away now? We're away on Saturday but would still like to say hi if you are in town.

    1. Hi Guys
      I will send you text when we get a bit closer.