Sunday, July 15, 2012

On The Monty

We left our mooring on the Llangollen Canal at 11.00am, but first Jaffa jumped off the boat and took himself for a little walk, first time he has done so on his own.

We only motored for 1.5 miles before we turned right onto the Monty.
There were four boats booked to go down, we were joined by a fifth boat but the lockie didn't have him in on the list so wouldn't let him through the locks. The old boy chucked a big wobbly but she still would have none of it, finally he spoke to someone high up who spoke to the lockie and he joined the queue.
The old boy and his Mrs were behind us going down the locks, he had calmed down by now and was telling me all about it, problem was I was in the boat at the bottom of a lock and he was on the top edge talking to me......well he had no teeth and was spraying me with spit...I had just taken off the wet weather gear as well, bugger.
Just after the locks we filled the water tank and dumped the .....stuff!

 Passed a very nice lockside cottage

It is a very quiet and relaxing canal, Elaine even had time to pose on the locks. 
They even have speed limit signs....3 MPH...I wish!

By now the skies had really darkened, looks like rain for a change...... it pissed down!
We stopped shortly after at Queens Head , opposite the Queens Head pub.
Elaine felt a bit crook so she stayed on the boat whilst I popped over to the pub, I tried my first pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar....loved it.   
 We got moving today, it is even more laid back, the speed limit has dropped to 2 MPH!

 Elaine had a run in with some killer geese between the Aston Locks

She was helped with the lock by a family on a push bike ride 

Its an amazing canal, so tranquil and quiet, we only witnessed two boats on the move today 
Tonight we are moored at Maesbury Marsh opposite a Navigation Inn, it is an old canal side warehouse. We went over for a couple in the late afternoon, very friendly pub, plus they make a big fuss of the dogs and supply them with doggy treats.  
Got back to the boat and fed some of the  locals

Tonight we had a first and have done our initial Tesco home delivery, should be delivered tomorrow between 10.00-12.00  ( First Light)
So time for bed at the end of yet another couple of fantastic days, didn't even mind being slobbered on!
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