Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Elaine here ...
We didn't get around to blogging last night as we had a late travelling night !

Paul took pics of this boat as he couldn't believe he had his fire on ... it really wasn't that cold - maybe he uses it for cooking - who knows !  A funny sight on a summer's day though.

Signpost to Birmingham - yep, we were heading to Liverpool but seem to have changed direction ... we have no direction !

Yesterday we set off from Barbridge - and pulled up at Nantwich to have a looksie around there .  Pretty little place but sooooo quiet - we felt like whispering !

Pub of the day at lunch time - we watched a bit of swimming in there - nice pub! 

We found a sweetie shop - so I shut these two up with two gobstoppers ...

Liam's gobstopper lasted three hours and Paul's lasted two ... hmmm - what does that say !!!  It was peaceful though !

Pics along the famous Welsh Row !

When we got back from doing our tourist tour of Nantwich we decided to move the boat - to see if we could get a tele signal!  We stopped at a couple of places - the first place was near a cow shed and one cow was screaming - and the others didn't sound too happy either,  so we couldn't stay there ... at the second place, Liam and I put a sheep back in his field 'cos he was walking along the towpath - but still couldn't get a signal - so we continued on ...

So - at 6.30 pm we did two locks !  As you can see here, I am training Liam well ...

Then we reached this lovely spot, got dinner ready and managed to watch 'Revenge' (we started watching it in Aus but then we moved, so now we have caught up with it here!)

Here was last night's mooring spot and view!

We are having a late start today because it has been really busy with boats going by - plus lots of rain - but here we go for our 15 locks to Audlem ....
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  1. Are you continuing up the Shroppie? As we will be heading down it later this week so hopefully we may meet up? Sorry to hear you have rain today, we are moored in Penkridge and were expecting it too but so far it hasn't materialised? Doug and James

    1. We are heading down the Shroppie towards Wolverhampton, we haven't decided which way to turn when we get to the end!