Monday, July 23, 2012

Beeston in the SUN!

We are still in Beeston by the Shady Oak Pub as we were being joined by my nephew Liam. He arrived at lunchtime accompanied by mum and dad. We adjourned to the pub for a long lunch before mum and dad headed off back to Milton Keynes. For the rest of the day we sat out in the sunshine, before taking the boys for a late afternoon walk.
Moored up a few boats away   was nb triskaideka I had a good chat to Ali and John about all things boaty especially the obligatory dunny talk on  how much better cassettes were than having a holding tank!
Now the important bit, today's weather, what a fantastic day with wall to wall blue skies. I cant believe how the mindset changes when the sun comes out its smiles all round, the pub is packed especially the garden.
 I love the English countryside when the weather is crap so when the sun comes out its WOW, its well worth the wait, plus a forecast for more sun to come, lets all hope it lasts for the Olympics.
Pub of the day is the same as last night.....

The Shady Oak

Pictures below from todays walk   
Beeston castle perched on top of the rocks
Castle and cows
Scary Tree
Elaine, Liam and the doggies 
superb countryside
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  1. Hi

    Good to meet you, sorry we didn't get chance to meet Elaine, I am sure we will see you again on our travels. I left you a post it note this morning (didn't want to wake you!) with the electrical training guy's details, hope it didn't blow away! Moored near a couple from Poole who said they had been with you on the Llangollen, we are at the bottom of Hurleston Locks.



  2. Yep got the note thanks, remember the couple from Poole well, another bloody shiny boat :-)