Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today, we stayed put in Chirk - it was a lovely, sunny day.  We went for a walk up to Chirk Castle - only a small part was on the road, the rest was across the fields ...

As it was a warm day, Bombo had his tail down for most of the walk - it's a sign he is getting too hot! - poor puppy needs a haircut!  Never mind, Elaine brought along plenty of water for the dogs, none for us though!

Some lovely scenery on them thar hills ...

Not sure what this crop is?

Back to Chirk for a well earned drink and a little lunch !

Elaine has discovered this cider - it's made in Sweden; looking at the label it is also sold in Oz.
It is very tasty ...

Then the big decision, stay for some more beers, or back to the boat to watch the tennis final............should have stayed in the pub!

About an hour after we got back, the heavens opened and has been raining pretty heavily!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring for our trip to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct !


  1. That be a crop of peas...

  2. Thank be city slickers are not used to this green stuff!
    To be fair though Elaine thought they be peas.

  3. We'll look out for you - we're currently moored near Llangollen. If you get this message Monday morning - the canal is currently blocked by a fallen tree near Llangollen (as at 11.30am) BW are trying to cut up at the moment. Hang around the Aqueduct if you can! Linear moorings just before water point in Froncysyllte just before the Aqueduct. Sue NB Beefur

  4. Update 1pm Mon 9th - Fallen tree at Llangollen has now been cleared and the canal is now open. NB Beefur

    1. Hi Sue

      We were the last boat in the queue so didnt have to wait long.