Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maintenance Day

Elaine was up first to make a cuppa, she took a photo of her side of the bed.....she has to fit in there somewhere, good job it is a wide bed!

We stopped at the first water point and had a top up

At the first lock a young girl came out of one of the lock cottages and asked whether we would like an ice cream....two ninety nines thanks, she delivered them to the lock, good on her.  

At the second lock Elaine stayed behind to show a newbie couple how it all works
As the sun had been out for a while we moored up in the middle of nowhere so I could finish sanding the cratch and get some varnish on it. Meanwhile Elaine took the dogs for a long walk. I finished the sanding masked it all up and got one coat of varnish on it, half and hour later it rained!
I think I can still salvage it, if it ever stops raining!
So to the stern, adjusted all the belts, checked the gearbox oil, it has got a very small leak from the oil pump, I will have to get a gasket set and sort it later. Tightened up the stern gland and that was it. Miles from a pub so dinner on the boat and a few drinks of course!

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