Sunday, July 29, 2012

No longer Nigel-no-friends !

Elaine here ...

This afternoon (let's have no pretence about morning!) we set off from Beeston back down the Shroppie! At the first of the double locks (Wharton's Lock) we were preparing ourselves for being on our own in the lock again - when - just as we were about to close the gates, we spied a boat heading towards the lock!  So we waited and in they came - yay - we were 'Nigel-no-friends' no more !

The next was the Iron lock again, which is recommended to do singly anyway, because it is said to be a bit warped and there is the possibility of jamming if two boats go in together!  So, we waited in line (it was quite busy today!), got through that one and carried on !  Then our lock buddies caught us up and we did some more locks together and then the Banbury staircase - there was no 'Narrowboat dance / Banbury Shuffle' happening this time !

Our lock buddies for the day

Nice n cosy in the lock !

We stopped at Claveley for the services - Geoffrey tried to escape (well, as much as a 20 year old cat can !) but Liam grabbed him just in time !!

At the services !
Our cruising today was quite pleasant - a bit of sunshine interspersed with a few rain showers !  We saw a few odd boats along the way ... 

Such a cutey !
Just after we arrived at today's destination - which was Barbridge again, we had a call from Russell, Tracy, Kimberley and Chris - to say they were coming for a quick visit after they had been to Manchester watching the Olympic football.

We popped in the pub with them for a swift half and then they were on their way back to Milton Keynes!
Chris, Russell, Tracy, Paul, Kimbo and Liam
Pub of The Day

The Olde Barbridge Inn (3rd visit)

 Tomorrow we will continue our journey to ?????

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