Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up The Audlem Flight

Twas a bit grim weather wise this morning, but the temperature was fine so we left our mooring about midday.

Before we left I took a couple of pics of the iron wear plates on the bridges. The canal folks in the UK all know what they are, but for our non canal  types they are iron wear plates fixed to most of the bridges, and the wear grooves were caused by the tow ropes between the horses and boats! You just can't imagine how much traffic there must have been to cause such wear.....fascinating!


Bought some snags and veggies from a lock-side farm shop.

There were a few jams going up the 15 Audlem locks, we only met 1 boat coming down so every lock had to be turned. 

We stopped outside our Pub of The Day....The Shroppie Fly  

We filled the water and emptied the cassettes, so had a swift one whilst waiting for the tank to fill. What a terrific pub.

We carried on up the rest of the flight and moored up for the night just after the top lock, 

These two old boys jogged by going up the flight, I reckon they were in their late 70s, good on em!


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