Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Took the dogs for a walk around the country lanes of Bettisfield before we set off.  It was actually quite warm and sunny, talking of which summer is supposed to arrive next week!
Very relaxing cruising today; passed this solitary looking house on the junction  of the Prees Branch.


This is the welcome Elaine gets when she gets back on the boat after doing a lift bridge or lock, she has been gone for all of 5 minutes! 

Bombo going for a solitary walk on the towpath (Elaine was in front of him!)

Another hydraulic lift bridge - Elaine walked the boys from the previous bridge - by the time they got there they were really hot !

The dogs are too scared to push past Geoffrey, the cat, to get on the deck ... poor boys !

Baden-Powell impersonation from yours truly (my old hat is great for all weather - even if it does look odd !)
Nice field full of ? 

We arrived in Whitchurch and moored at the bottom of the arm  - which is really short!  We took a walk down the public footpath into the centre of Whitchurch. That's me sat outside the Nat West bank putting a plaster on my blistered toe!

Quaint little town ... plenty of history here !

Now we are going to have our new segment....

Pub Of The Day

We got knocked back in 2 pubs (not dog friendly) before we found the White Bear, which was interesting because the Nicholson guide said dogs were not allowed!  Just shows it always pays to ask !

It has a big garden at the back but we didn't go there - just soaked in the ambience indoors ..

Picture proof of our dogs with us in the pub ! 

Tomorrow we will set off at the crack of ..... hmmm maybe not !  First up Grindley Brook locks - we'll see if Elaine can get her head around this staircase of 3 again !

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