Monday, July 16, 2012

Tesco Man Cometh

We are very impressed with the Tesco delivery service, we received a text this morning confirming delivery time, then the driver rang later giving a precise time. We met him in the pub car park and helped him deliver a very big order to the boat. He said they have a 6 minute time frame to deliver, we just about made it. I gave him a tip, not sure if that is the go?
It is also very easy to order home delivery as when you go online they have a list of everything we have ordered from Tescos for the last 3 months, it is linked to the club card, now for a confirmed Luddite like myself I am very impressed. Of course the most important thing is I don't have to go shopping, I detest it with a passion.
Back to boaty bits, it is pouring down with rain for a change but we had to move as the Navigation pub is shut on Mondays, we are now back at Queens Head so we can go and sample some Theakstons Old Peculiar later. We don't mind moving in the rain as we have both  got the u-beaut wet weather gear, my old Ambo hat keeps my head dry so its all good.
I manged to get another coat of varnish on the cratch yesterday in the sunshine, I had to sand back the rain damaged coat first. Also polished one side of the boat.
As it is still raining  I can now get stuck into my book, I am now on fourth book which is just amazing, in my old busy working life about 1 a year was it.
So in summing up our narrow boat life........
Read loads
Late nights and late starts with no alarm clock
Sampling pub life
Lost a lot of weight
Lots of walking with the dogs
Constant change of scenery
Eating better, no frozen food, mostly fresh
Meeting lots of different types of people, 95% nice
Easy house work

My god it rains a lot.......but then again it is England!
And as I finish the last sentence the sun comes out!



  1. Hi all, we are just discovering the Tesco home delivery website because of a forced absence of our car. We have found it to be as great as you have. The favourites/previous orders facility is a go-send. Also you only order what you want and not what you see as you walk round.

    Keep on posting if you come to the North East we will probably see you.

    1. Hi Mal
      Where in the north east are you?

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  2. I wouldn't worry about the time frame for Mr T. He told me once that he had a 4 minute time limit because he didn't want to carry it up a slight incline as his trolly wasn't working!

    Gosh, he was a lucky Mr T, I am very tight fisted and never give them a tip!

    Glad it all worked out OK for your first delivery..

    I see you have the correct list for enjoying life aboard!!

    1. Hi Sue
      We used your blog for a reference for the Tesco delivery

  3. The Queen's Head is not far from West Felton, which is where my daughter used to live - I've been there many times. Enjoy.

  4. We had dinner there last night...very very nice.