Friday, July 27, 2012

A Howler in the Night at Ellesmere Port

We had a reasonably early night as we had to be on the move by 9.00am!

Last night we were still moored at the basin at Ellesmere Port, next to some nice flats and as it was a warm night most of the flats had their windows open.  We were woken at 1.30am by a couple who had entered in the Olympic marathon bonking event!  At first it was quite humorous, but by 2.30am it was a matter of 'just please get it over with!' ...  I think the female competitor was very religious as she was screaming 'Oh My God' hundreds of times.  Finally at 3.00am it was over - the rest of the unit block cheered and they got their gold medal!

Phew ... sleep at last until a ship came chugging up the Manchester Ship Canal with a loud engine thankfully it didn't go on for too long!

We were up through the Ellesmere Port locks at 9.00am and had an uneventful trip back to Chester.  We moored up in the centre of Chester and went for a look around to see which pub was showing the Olympic opening ceremony.  I would  have to say there wasn't a lot of interest being shown, but we have a good satellite signal on the boat so we can watch on that if we have to.

Hopefully we will sleep better tonight - although we are opposite a block of flats again ... :)

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